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Things to Consider:

GroomTown Pet Boutique and Spa wants your feline to enjoy the benefits of grooming. We have a "Cat Spa" located with in GroomTown where the felines are completely separated from the dogs. Your fancy feline will be groomed by a Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG) in the only cat grooming spa in the area. Its quiet, bright and very relaxing. We use all state of the art equipment including the Catty Shack Vac and the Clipper Vac making your feline’s experience more enjoyable and quicker.

FACT: cats have skin and hair and are susceptible to matting, fleas/ticks, dandruff, dander, ingrown claws, dirty behinds, shedding, hairballs and other unpleasantries.

We can help!

Service include:
• Full Coat Groom: ears cleaned, nails trimmed, sanitary clip (optional), bath and blow dry. Price varies per cat. Shorthair $50 & up Longhair $70 & up.

Add to any groom:

• Lion Clip: $20
• Clip Comb (leaves hair longer than the Lion Clip) $30
• Half or Full Belly Shave $10 or $15
• Toe Tuff Trim $10
• De-shedding Treatment $18
• Soft Paws™ Application: front $16, back $10, or both $25
• Face Trim $10
• Ruff Trim $8
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Effective 29th January 2018
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